July 01, 2024

Armenian art and wine festival enchants Shanghai at Global Hub

The Armenian Art and Wine Festival was recently held at the Global Hub in Waigaoqiao.

As an important node on the ancient Silk Road, the Armenian Center showcased fine wines, highlighting the two iconic aspects of Armenia—wine and the art of painting. Thirty-two classic works by national treasure-level Armenian painters were displayed at the Armenian Center.

The festival featured a variety of engaging activities, including an Armenian traditional costume show, an introduction to Armenian art history, a lecture on the history of Armenian civilization and a wine tasting session promoting Armenian wines. These events provided the audience with an immersive experience of Armenian art and culture.

The Armenian Center officially opened at the Global Hub on March 26. As a crucial part of the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone's efforts to facilitate the "Silk Road E-commerce" cooperation pilot zone, the Global Hub platform has become a practical means to deepen international exchanges and promote multicultural integration.

The inauguration of the Armenian Center marks a significant step forward in deepening cooperation between the two sides in areas such as trade, culture, tourism and education.