May 29, 2023

Waigaoqiao Bonded Area forms deeper connections between government and enterprises

With specific measures to upgrade the strategy of the free trade zone and improve the business environment, the Waigaoqiao Bonded Area is dedicated to becoming a "government partner" of enterprises, providing

May 26, 2023

Shanghai Pharma, CooperVision sign strategic agreement to tackle myopia

May 23, 2023

Sunland Bay selected as Pudong's most beautiful industrial park

The Sunland Bay project, developed and constructed by Waigaoqiao Group and operated by Sunland Commercial Operation Company, has successfully been selected as the "most beautiful industrial park" in the

May 17, 2023

Free trade zone promotes investment opportunities to Swiss companies

On May 9, the first Europe-based promotion event for the free trade zone in 2023 was successfully held in Lausanne, Switzerland. This event was the second overseas investment attraction campaign launched

May 15, 2023

New Zealand products promoted at Silk Road E-commerce National Day event

The New Zealand Theme Day event, part of the Silk Road E-commerce National Day series organized by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group, was launched at the Waigaoqiao Global Hub on May 11. Zhao Shuyang, head of

May 09, 2023

New talent housing project underway in Waigaoqiao

The construction of the XINeocity talent apartment and apartment hotel project officially began recently. This is another landmark supporting project created by the Waigaoqiao Xin Development Company

May 08, 2023

National cultural trade base named municipal-level creative industry park

The National Cultural Trade Base (Shanghai) located in the bonded zone was awarded the title of municipal-level cultural and creative industry park as the list was announced recently.  The National Cultural

May 04, 2023

Medtronic Launches Phase II Fund to Boost Biomedical Innovation

The launch ceremony of Medtronic China Phase II Fund was successfully held recently, marking the official launch of the first equity investment fund in the bonded area led by industrial capital rather

April 26, 2023

FFG EA settles R&D center in Waigaoqiao

Recently, the research and development center of FFG EA, a subsidiary of Fair Friend Group, the world's leading CNC machine tool turnkey solution provider, has settled in Waigaoqiao. This is another

April 25, 2023

Shanghai Port continues to break records in new-energy vehicle export

Since the beginning of this year, the export of new-energy vehicles from Shanghai Port has maintained a strong momentum, and the export volume has repeatedly hit historical highs.  According to Shanghai