June 26, 2024

Waigaoqiao unveils Huju opera heritage base, kicking off classic performances

The classic Huju opera "The Thunderstorm" resonated at the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Culture and Arts Center, marking the official unveiling of the Waigaoqiao Huju Opera Heritage and Aesthetic Education Base, a joint collaboration between the center and the Shanghai Huju Opera Theater.

Hu Huanzhong, the deputy general manager of Waigaoqiao Group, revealed that since June last year, the Waigaoqiao Culture and Arts Center has collaborated with CMC Inc to successfully host over 140 performances, including one national premiere and six Shanghai premieres. Next year, they aim to achieve a new milestone of 100 performances.

These spectacular performances not only serve nearly 30,000 employees in the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone but also bring a better cultural experience to residents in the surrounding three towns.

Huju opera, a local traditional opera and a national intangible cultural heritage, has seen significant support. The art center has launched a total of 14 Huju opera performances, including classic traditional operas and opera highlights. Plans are also underway to organize activities like Huju opera workshops and Shanghainese language classes, incorporating more fun and innovative elements to attract more audiences, according to Chen Xijia, the head of theater operations of CMC.

These initiatives aim to inject new vitality into the preservation and development of traditional cultural arts and create a unique cultural brand in Waigaoqiao that blends eastern and western influences.