May 21, 2024

Russian E-commerce Day a celebration of trade and cultural exchange with China

The Russian E-commerce Day kicked off at Waigaoqiao Global Hub on May 15, creating a new digital consumption experience for Russian products and services and promoting China-Russia economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges.

Through the Global Hub platform, more than 30 Russian brands with over 200 types of products are integrated online and offline for a unified exhibition and sales, including vodka, beer, kvass, fruit juice drinks, as well as seafood, condiments, dairy products and snacks.

At the Global Hub site, consumers can intuitively experience the rich natural resources and unique culture of Russia through various forms such as thematic exhibitions, food tastings and cultural experiences.

An exclusive zone for the Russian E-commerce Day has been added online, connected with the Silk Road e-commerce website for real-time promotion, providing a dedicated shopping portal for Russian products and allowing consumers to enjoy the convenience of having quality goods delivered to their homes.