October 23, 2023

Shanghai frontier inspection agency launches special channel for CIIE exhibits

At approximately 2pm on October 19, the Chinese ship "Xin Ming Zhou 20" was moored at the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port to unload containers containing exhibits for the 6th China International Import Expo.

The Shanghai frontier inspection agency opened a CIIE special channel for the transport ship at the Waigaoqiao Port, to ensure timely and safe entry of exhibits for the 6th CIIE.

The Shanghai frontier inspection agency worked closely with related port and shipping companies to open the special channel which covers the entire process of transportation, customs clearance, unloading and transit for all exhibits.

Prior to the ship's arrival, the Waigaoqiao frontier inspection station conducted pre-arrival border checks for the vessel through the Shanghai "single window" border inspection licensing service platform, to shorten waiting time for the ship's anchoring and to ensure priority entry of the exhibits.

After the ship arrived at port, the frontier inspection agency opened the special channel to ensure that the ship can commence loading and unloading operations immediately upon arrival.

During the ship's loading and unloading operations, the frontier inspection agency strengthened its management of the vessel to ensure the safe and orderly transfer of the exhibits.