May 15, 2023

New Zealand products promoted at Silk Road E-commerce National Day event

The New Zealand Theme Day event, part of the Silk Road E-commerce National Day series organized by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group, was launched at the Waigaoqiao Global Hub on May 11.

Zhao Shuyang, head of the New Zealand Oravida sales center, said that through the Waigaoqiao Global Hub project, Oravida will create a distribution center for New Zealand products in China and introduce more natural, high-quality, and healthy New Zealand products to Chinese consumers to meet people's desire for a better life.

New Zealand is an important country along the 21st century Maritime Silk Road. At the event, nearly 200 New Zealand products were showcased, including drinking water, beverages, wine, honey, milk powder, fresh milk, ice cream, beef and lamb, and seafood, fully presenting New Zealand's unique high-quality products, allowing consumers to experience New Zealand's cultural charm.