April 26, 2023

FFG EA settles R&D center in Waigaoqiao

Recently, the research and development center of FFG EA, a subsidiary of Fair Friend Group, the world's leading CNC machine tool turnkey solution provider, has settled in Waigaoqiao.

This is another significant landing for FFG’s Europe-America Company, following the establishment of its Chinese headquarters, and also an important step towards the localization of advanced CNC machine tool technology worldwide.

FFG now owns 19 internationally well-known machine tool brands and 21 production bases, mainly producing more than five-axis linkage CNC machine tools and automated production lines, with products spanning industries such as aerospace, automotive, and energy.

MAG, a brand of FFG EA, currently holds over 40 percent market share in the field of automotive engines in China and maintains the record of having the most vehicle assembly lines in China and even the world.

The technology R&G center that has settled here will become the important stronghold for FFG-EA to carry out the localization of advanced manufacturing technology in China.

FFG EA will gradually localize all its 15 brands and the equipment that the Chinese market needs most in Waigaoqiao in order to meet the requirements of accelerating high-end manufacturing in China, and to better meet the personalized needs of the market and customers.