January 13, 2021

Work begins on Waigaoqiao cruise interior production platform project

Construction for the Waigaoqiao cruise ship interior manufacturing platform project officially started on Monday. The project has investment from and is being built by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Joint Development Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Waigaoqiao Group, with a total construction area of about 67,000 square meters. Its annual sales revenue is projected to be 1 billion yuan (US$154 million).
The Waigaoqiao cruise industry interior manufacturing platform is the first key project of Waigaoqiao to accelerate the layout of industry-city integration and lead the “14th Five-Year Plan” high-quality sailing.
By building a platform to bring together cruise ship interior manufacturers and improve the control of the core link of the cruise ship industry chain, the project will mainly provide a site for the production of large cruise ship interiors, materials, furniture storage and related product design and development, etc. After completion, the primary task will be to provide internal prefabricated cabins for China’s first domestic large luxury cruise ship VISTA model.
It is worth mentioning that the time needed from the listing of the project to obtaining all the planning and construction permit procedures required for starting construction was shortened from nearly two months to six hours.