January 11, 2021

“30 Years of Casting Glory, Sailing Again” e-sports event launched

The Gaohang Town government in collaboration with Shanghai Waigaoqiao Group Holdings Co Ltd and Shanghai FMWH Network Technology Co Ltd hosted the “30 Years of Casting Glory, Sailing Again” series of the Pudong Youth E-sports event, which was launched recently in Senlan area of Waigaoqiao.
The event was guided and supported by the Pudong New Area’s Publicity Department and the Shanghai Pudong New Area Committee of Communist Youth League, hoping to build a platform for communication between enterprises and cooperation within the industry in Pudong, and to activate the gaming atmosphere to give the city more vitality and innovation.
As a demonstration zone for the integration of industry and city and one of the important zones for the e-sports industry in Pudong, Senlan Waigaoqiao grasps the opportunities for the development of e-sports and other emerging industries.
Senlan Bay’s commercial and business space of about 66,000 square meters is supported by the tournament-grade Senlan e-sports multi-functional hall, which creatively integrates the elements of new IP, entertainment, e-sports and lake view, providing a perfect platform for the synergistic development of multiple emerging industries.
As the supporting environment of Senlan-Waigaoqiao e-sports industry becomes better, it will create an excellent business environment for the overall development of the regional e-sports industry, and lay a good foundation for further attracting e-sports talents, cultivating e-sports enterprises and consolidating development advantages in the future.