Notice on Promulgation of Measures of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for Reform of Quality and Technical Supervision Work in the Pilot Free Trade Zone

To: all units subordinate to the bureau and all divisions and offices under the bureau
    The Measures of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for Reform of Quality and Technical Supervision Work in the Pilot Free Trade Zone are hereby promulgated to you. You are requested to earnestly carry them out in line with the actuality of the reform work.

                    Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision
                                                                                      December 24, 2013

Measures of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision for Reform of Quality and Technical Supervision Work in the Pilot Free Trade Zone

In accordance with the essence of the Suggestions on Supporting the Construction of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (Guo Zhi Jian Tong [2013] No. 503) issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the actual needs of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, based on the principle of reform and innovation and taking the lead in making the first try, put forward the following ten items of measures for the quality and technical supervision work in the Pilot Free Trade Zone: 
I. In aspect of comprehensive supervision mode
1. Establish a product quality comprehensive supervision mode with such main contents as enterprise making self-declaration for quality, random inspections for circulating link, risk monitoring , handling of complaints against quality, and response to quality safety contingency. 
    2. Set up a risk-based special equipment classified supervision mode; push forward a specialized and scale-oriented elevator maintenance mode with the elevator manufacturing entity as the main body; promote the comprehensive pilot program of elevator remote monitoring and elevator comprehensive responsibility insurance in market-oriented operation and based on application of technology of the Internet of things; empower the Sub-bureau of the Pilot Free Trade Zone under Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (hereinafter referred to as the PFTZ sub-bureau) to establish a special equipment emergency handling agency to improve the capability of accident investigation of special equipment including elevators and emergency handling of contingencies.  
II. In aspect of administrative examination system
3. Reform the production licensing system of industrial products, transform the examination mode and simplify the examination link in respect of licensing items of product quality safety that can be ensured through market regulation and enterprise self-discipline.
4. Entrust the PFTZ sub-bureau to directly handle application for approval of qualification for product quality inspection agency, simplify the administrative procedure and raise the efficiency of examination and approval.
5. Institute the system for the qualification accreditation of the inspection and testing institutions based on metrological certification and urge relevant government departments to directly admit results of metrological certification in licensing.
6. The notification-promise system is practiced in qualification accreditation of inspection agencies except for food inspection agency, motor-vehicle safety inspection agency, forensic science institutions and other fields involving public security, ecological environmental protection and directly relating to personal health, life and property safety.
7. Cancel the administrative examination items such as the appraisal of medium and small-sized enterprises’ measuring assurance capability; the notification-promise system is practiced for partial administrative licensing, make the first try on issuing permits for repairing measuring instruments and establishing a social fair measuring center (station).
8 Empower the PFTZ sub-bureau to handle the administrative examination and approval of partial special equipment include the qualification permit of special equipment production (including design, manufacture, installation, renovation and repair) entities, handle registration of using special equipment, and notification of installation, renovation and repair construction work. 
III. In aspect of serving development of enterprises in the zone
9. Reform the enterprise standard filing management system, and institute and implement the system of making public the information on enterprises’ self-declaration of product and service standard and on main quality indicators to actively accept social supervision.
10. Give play to the role of organization codes being taken as unified social credit codes. Collect, arrange and analyze enterprises’ quality data, provide decision-making basis for such work as early warning for consumption and recall of defects, and gradually realize the communication, exchange and sharing of outer supervision information to provide data support for the building of a social credit system in the Zone. And further perfect the mechanism of “making application by a single form and handling at one stop” for approval (filing) of foreign-funded projects and establishment of enterprises, so as to offer convenient and efficient service to enterprises.