November 02, 2023

New international live streaming base focuses on Belt and Road markets

The international internet celebrity live streaming incubation base invested by Mengxiang Technology, a commodity distribution intelligent solution provider, was recently launched in the Yangshan Special Comprehensive Free Trade Zone.

The base focuses on cross-border markets and provides anchor incubation, cross-border live broadcasting, and other related services to countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Currently, nearly 20 Vietnamese internet celebrities have come to the live streaming base to broadcast and sell products to their Vietnamese fans. By the end of this year, the live streaming base is expected to have hundreds of Southeast Asian anchors residing in, broadcasting to Southeast Asian users.

As an international e-commerce industrial park, the Lingang international internet celebrity live streaming incubation base covers functions like a live broadcasting base, platform warehousing and foreign employee apartments.

"The prospects for the Southeast Asian e-commerce market are huge, which is why our international live streaming project has chosen Southeast Asia as its first stop," said Mengxiang Technology CEO Leng Jing.

By relying on Mengxiang's upstream supply chain system that has accumulated 15 major categories and more than 20,000 brands, and local characteristic industrial resources throughout the country, the incubation base will actively expand the Belt and Road market and promote more high-quality domestic goods to the world.

Shanghai is accelerating the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce and released a three-year action plan for promoting high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce in July.

The action plan encourages leading cross-border e-commerce companies to establish headquarters and provides convenient support for customs clearance, taxation, foreign exchange and credit insurance for high-quality cross-border e-commerce companies.