October 24, 2023

First research-oriented hospital opens in Waigaoqiao

The first research-oriented hospital in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Shanghai GoBroad Cancer Hospital, was officially established in Waigaoqiao on October 20 at the 4th Waigaoqiao Medical and Health Cooperation Forum.

Shanghai GoBroad Cancer Hospital will focus on clinical research public services, aiming to diagnose and treat difficult and severe tumors, conduct clinical research and promote industrial transformation of biomedicine and medical devices.

The hospital will improve the efficiency and quality of clinical research and accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements in the cell and gene industry.

The first phase of the hospital with 400 beds has been put into operation and the second phase with 300 beds is expected to be put into use in 2026.

"As the hospital construction steadily progresses, within the next two to three years, half of our beds will be used for clinical research and we plan to carry out about 20 innovative drug studies every year in the future," said Li Jin, president of the Shanghai GoBroad Cancer Hospital.

"The establishment of this research-oriented hospital, through the combination of production, education and research, allows cell and gene therapy enterprises to have a unit dedicated to clinical research, hereby establishing a closed-loop for the entire industrial chain from production, research to sales," Li added.