July 28, 2021

Bonded area firm named in demo list for supply chain innovation

An enterprise in the city's bonded area, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., is on the list of the first batch of 94 demonstration enterprises for supply chain innovation and application.

The list was published by eight organizations, including the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the People's Bank of China. Four companies from Shanghai are on the list in total.

The move will further improve the modern supply chain system and modernize China's industrial chain and supply chain. It also indicates that the innovation of the bonded area in the smart supply chain has been recognized by national departments.

In the future, the bonded area will build a modern supply chain system that connects production, supply and marketing and connects domestic and foreign trade, so as to promote economic circulation and smooth industrial linkages. It will also improve the digital, intelligent, collaborative, green and international level of the regional supply chain to support the domestic cycle and promote the domestic and international double cycle.