January 06, 2021

List of trade HQ enterprises in bonded area unveiled

Recently, the Municipal Commission of Commerce announced a list of enterprises from the bonded area which will be recognized as trade headquarters in 2020, including Bunge (Shanghai) Management Co Ltd, Murata Electronics Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Toyota Tsusho Corp, King Paper Source Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd and General Electric Medical Systems Trading Development (Shanghai) Co Ltd.
The requirements for the application of headquarters enterprise are strict. The trading headquarters should be registered in Shanghai with independent legal personality. The enterprises should have two or more branches outside the city, a certain percentage of business coverage and implement unified management
The Shanghai Free Trade Zone has taken a series of measures to improve the business environment. Enterprises selected for the Global Operator Program not only receive assistance from the bonded area in applying for headquarters in Shanghai for trade, investment, distribution and R&D, but also get a “1+X” support policy package formed by two-way communication between the government and enterprises, with “1” representing specialized service support and “X” representing multi-disciplinary development support.